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jeudi 23 février 2012

In love with The Puppini Sisters

Vogue les a décrites comme "fabuleuses", New Woman magazine a consenti à admettre que "nous voulons toutes leur ressembler", c'est donc officiel les journaux anglophones sont tombés sous le charme du trio féminin de pop, jazz britannique The Puppini Sisters.

 The Puppini Sisters (album Hollywood - 2011) sera le 30 juin 2012 à l'Olympia (Paris)

Ce groupe de pin-up au style kitsch, rétro et burlesque se compose de trois drôles de dame, l'italienne Marcella Puppini et les anglaises Stephanie O'Brien et Kate Mullins. Victimes de leur succès, comprenant des reprises très sollicitées comme Crazy in love de Beyoncé Knowles, le groupe ne cesse de se produire dans le monde entier.  

Pour la Saint-Valentin Marcella, qui a créé en 2007 un orchestre entièrement féminin The Forget Me Nots, s'est posée entre deux concerts pour se rappeler ses meilleurs souvenirs liés à l'amour...

Marcella, what is the best city to be on Valentine's day?
Any city that my husband and I both happen to be in. I am often away on Valentine's day, so if I managed to be with him I could even be in a tent on the Siberian tundra and be perfectly happy.

What was your best Valentine's day?
I have only ever managed to spend one Valentine's day with my husband in the 8 years we have been together, so of course that was my best. I think it was three or four years ago, and we just stayed at home and had a beautiful dinner together and just enjoyed each other company. I like simple things when it comes to love: juse being together is enough! Plus, my husband is always very romantic.
Have your fans ever done crazy things to show you their love?
One guy tattooed Puppini on his belly button. He asked me permission first as it's my surname, but I thought it was very sweet!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done for love?
Well, I have never tattooed anyone's name on myself! My husband has my name and my favourite flower tattooed on his right arm, but then he's definitely the more romantic one in our relationship.
I have never done anything that crazy, really, but when I first met him he was just about to go to Denmark for two months to work in a circus, and I just had to go and see him. I had never done that for anyone, and that's how I knew I'd fallen in love with The One.


Betcha Bottom Dollar (2006) 

The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo (2007) 

Christmas With the Puppini Sisters (2010) 

Hollywood (2011)


The Puppini Sisters

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